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Waco Vision Center

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You’ll receive the personalized care you deserve when you come to the experienced professionals at Waco Vision Center. Our optometrists use the most advanced technology to properly assess, diagnose, and treat eye diseases, injuries, and any conditions that affect the eye. We have cutting edge technology, including testing machines similar to what the DMV uses for Driver’s License exams and a digital retinal camera to view the inside of your eyes.

Any re-check of your eye exam is free within 60 days

  • Glaucoma treatment

  • Eye disease treatment

  • Pink eye treatment

  • Red eye treatment

  • Allergy treatment

  • Dry eye treatment

  • Astigmatism treatment

  • Nearsightedness treatment

  • Farsightedness treatment

Our thorough eye health treatments

  • Eye pressure test for glaucoma screening

  • Cataract evaluations

  • LASIK consultations

  • Comprehensive diabetic eye exams

  • Visual field testing

  • Foreign body removal

Our comprehensive exams include

When you are experiencing discomfort due to an eye injury or eye disease, you can expect our doctors to provide you with personalized care in every visit. In order to determine your prescription, you'll receive a thorough examination. Tests are performed with computerized equipment that measures the length of your eyes and the curvature of your corneas to determine your prescription in just seconds.

Providing the personalized care you need

Trust Us to Treat Common Eye Conditions

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